Grading Policies

Our goal in teaching this class is to help you learn the material. Our grading policies are based on this goal: we’ll provide you with feedback on your learning in homework and lab, and the rest of our policies are meant to further this goal as well.


You will be assessed through the following assignments:


Grades will be assigned using the following weighted components:

Grading criteria

Slip Days

Each student gets an extension budget of 5 total slip days. You can use the extension on homework assignments only (not lab assignments, discussion worksheets, or the final project) during the semester. Do not plan to use your slip-time; it is there for unforeseen circumstances. These are rounded up, so if you are 1 minute late then 1 slip day will be used. (Why? We’d rather you get some sleep and make an attempt to finish the assignment the next day instead of staying up to micromanage hours.)

After you have used your slip-time budget, any assignment handed in late will be marked off 20% per day late (rounded up to the nearest integer number of days). No assignment will be accepted more than 5 days late.

We know that we’re still in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic and economic downturn: if you are facing extenuating circumstances or unusual hardship, please reach out to the course staff. We’re here to help!

Collaboration Policy

Data science is a collaborative activity. While you may talk with others about the homework, we ask that you write your solutions individually. If you do discuss the assignments with others please include their names at the top of your notebook. Keep in mind that content from the homeworks and labs will likely be covered on both the midterm and final. We will be following the EECS departmental policy on Academic Honesty, so be sure you are familiar with it.

We Want You to Succeed

If you are feeling overwhelmed, visit our office hours and talk with us. We know college can be stressful and we want to help you succeed!